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Despite the current federal government shutdown:

o Tennessee WIC currently has sufficient funding to cover operations through December and January and is operating normally.

o During this time, participants should continue to use their WIC vouchers and TNWIC cards as they normally would.

o During this time, vendors should accept WIC vouchers and TNWIC cards as they normally would.

• If you have questions, please contact your local WIC clinic or call 1- 800-DIAL-WIC (1-800-342-5942).

About WIC…

The WIC program is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.  WIC provides nutrition education and supplemental foods for pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, and infants and children from birth up to the age of five.


Breastfeeding instruction and support are strong components of the WIC program.  Sullivan County WIC staff provide information to assist mothers in making informed decisions about infant feeding choices.

For breast feeding information and support click here

Why you should apply for WIC…

Image36-93DPIWIC plays an important role in improving birth outcomes and lowering healthcare costs. WIC improves infant feeding practices by promoting breastfeeding and also improves dietary intake of children 1-5. All WIC services are free to those who are eligible!

Do you qualify for WIC?

Image35-93DPIIncome cannot exceed 185% of the federal poverty level.  WIC determines income based on gross household income.  WIC counts all of the members of a household, related or unrelated.  WIC counts an unborn baby as a household member.

  • For WIC income guidelines click here
  • WIC clients must have a medical or nutritional risk to receive benefits. This screening will be completed at your WIC appointment.
  • Tennessee WIC clients must reside in Tennessee.

How to make an appointment…

Call the Sullivan County Regional Health Department at 423-279-2777Image26-93DPI to make an appointment in either the Kingsport or Blountville office.





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